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The Coral food brand was established in 1999, which launches large-scale wholesale trade, ensuring the company's continuous growth in the fishing landscape. And in 2017, the headquarters will be transferred to the modern packer between the fish market and Barcelona International Airport. Here we receive daily quantities of fresh fish so we can systematically avoid storage for the next day. "Everyday Fresh"

20 years of deep research in the largest fish markets in Europe and North Africa, 20 years of choices often against the current and the latest, 20 years of reviewing goals, and each goal becomes an important new starting point. It is our desire to constantly improve ourselves, thanks to an efficient, innovative organisation always committed to providing fresh quality and this is our motto "Everyday Fresh".


Participamos en los eventos de merkados de pescados mas importantes.


le ofrecemos una gran selección de pescados frescos de incomparable calidad.

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